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Move to the Kizomba

Whether you dance the Zumba or the Masala Bhangra to stay fit, adding the sensual Kizomba might help de-stress and at the same time, spice things up with your partner. Hassan M Kamal demystifies this African dance, and finds out how Mumbaikars can add it to their fitness regimes

If you thought Salsa, Tango or Jive was sexy, you haven’t experienced Kizomba (pronounced Kissomba). This African dance has been gaining popularity across Europe and last week, at a bootcamp in Mumbai, couples had a chance to learn the moves. One of the workshops was conducted by international Kizomba trainer, Favian Bustos and his partner, Cynthia Mandez. They introduced this sensual dance form at the three-day event by Salsa India.

What is Kizomba?

Bustos, who was recently in Mumbai, informs that Kizomba originated in the 1980s in Angola. A sensual dance, Kizomba is a craze in Portugal, Spain and France. “It’s not a show dance. It’s about you, your partner and the music.

It’s similar to Argentina’s Tango, but here, the music moves you and your partner. So, if you don’t dance to it, you are not doing Kizomba,” he asserts.

img How it helps?

Unlike Salsa, Zumba, Bhangra or Zouk that have found their way into fitness regimes, Kizomba is still to make inroads due to its slow movements. But here are a few fitness pluses from it:

A stress buster: While other dances are physically demanding and help tone muscles, Kizomba tones the senses, and can be a stress buster. “After working hard all day, you look for a route to de-stress, relax and enjoy music and dance. That’s what Kizomba gives. It’s not sweat-effective or physically demanding, but helps release relaxing endorphines and allows the body to release the stress,” informs Bustos, adding, “Our senses and mind get worked up the most.”

A start-up exercise: In most popular dance routines today, the tempo rises and continues to, and stops suddenly. Incorporating a few Kizomba movements will relax the body and mind. “In Salsa, your blood starts rushing, likewise in Bachata, but in Kizomba the moves leads are reverse — the heart beat lowers, the body relaxes a bit, and you breathe. This makes it ideal as a warm-up and cool-down dance routine.” While the focus is on the senses, the intensity of movements and steps also work on the muscles. Kizomba has a lot of hip isolation and contra-body movements similar to Tango.

Couple therapy: Kizomba is a close contact dance. “There is no proof, but it can be very useful in couple therapy as Kizomba requires one of the partners to follow the other. It teaches one to let go and stop trying to control the other; it’s because Kizomba requires you to connect with your partner, and let him/her lead you,” he elaborates.

For weak knees: Since Kizomba is not physically demanding, it’s useful for those nursing injuries or with weak joints and knees, to relax and enjoy. "In Europe, the dance has been around for five years. Many who practise Kizomba are in the 50-60 age group," he adds.

Less chance of injury: With Western dances, if your technique isn’t right, you may end up injuring yourself or your partner. “There’s a lot of technique that goes into Kizomba too, but the chances of injury are less as it’s a slow-paced dance.”

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What is it? A fun and flirtatious form of partner dancing from Cuba that is celebrated worldwide for its sensual moves, fusing steamy Afro-Caribbean and Latin styles into simple and lively movements. Some call it a dance of passion.


How it helps? “A great exercise for losing weight, burn fat and calories, Salsa requires a lot of movement, specially involving the lower body muscles, the heart and the collective cardiovascular system. It also helps overcome shyness,” says Suman Acharya, Salsa trainer at Viva La Salsa India.

USP: “Salsa dancing can improve relationships as well. I’ve had several students tell me it saved their marriages or how they’ve stopped the need to see a therapist,” adds Acharya.

Who is it for? Everyone. However, those with weak knees and joints should consult a doctor. Duration prescribed: One hour (if not doing any other exercises) every alternate day.

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Masala Bhangra

What is it? A dance fitness cardio workout that combines dance movements of Bhangra with Bollywood and danced to Punjabi music. A session usually lasts from 45 minutes, but can be extended to an hour depending on the participants.


How it helps? “Masala Bhangra helps tone your entire body including your legs, arms, shoulder as well as your core muscles — hips, back and abs.

The core muscles help maintain a straight posture,” says Shalini Bhargava, master trainer of Masala Bhangra, who will be participating at the upcoming Body Power Expo in Mumbai.

USP: A good mix of Punjabi music, Bhangra and Bollywood dance routines makes this workout fun, adds Bhargava.

Who is it for? Everyone (people with weak knees and joints and pregnant women to consult a doctor before joining a Masala Bhangra class). Duration prescribed: One hour every alternate day (along with regular work out routine).

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What is it? A dance fitness inspired by Latin rhythms that features movements found in Latin dances like Belly dance, Meringue and Salsa.


How it helps? “Zumba is an intensive workout regime that helps burn calories at a fast rate, adds to your flexibility and improves your body posture,” says Pallavi Jain, a Zumba trainer with Fitness First.

USP: The combination of Latin music and dance makes Zumba a fun workout regime. Besides, the regime also teaches you a few dance moves you can show off on the dance floor.

Who is it for? Everyone. However, those with weak knees are advised to be light on their feet while moving on the dance floor. “Avoid stomping as it will hurt your knees,” she adds.

Duration prescribed: One hour every day (if not doing any other exercises).

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Favian's five-step routine

Warm up:Start with a session of Kizomba (7-8 minutes), follow it up with a slow routine of Bachata or Ballroom dance like Ramba.

Build up: Opt for the faster Bachata or Cha Cha Cha. You can add a Hip-Hop movement.

The top: Choose one of the fast dances like Samba or Jive and Swing

Break down:At this point, your heatbeat is fast, so go for Bachata routine movements.

Cool down:The last session of any dance routine, it’s when you tell your body to slow down. Kizomba works wonders here as it helps slow your heart beat down and your mind too.

Ms. Madhuri Dixit Nene :

Shalini is truly an excellent trainer. She is the perfect combination of tough and soft, She is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, and when to take a step back. Owing to her combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs challenging yet achievable goal setting, a simple to follow diet plan and personal efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and endurance and most importantly, working out has become fun.

Dr. Shri Ram Nene :

Knowledgeable, Competent, Professional and Dedicated are what I would say for Shalini. She is quick in understanding individual goals and hence forth providing advice and varied programs. She uses a holistic approach, incorporating flexibility, strength, posture, balance, endurance along with promoting a healthy eating regime. She is encouraging without being “soft” and a great motivator. Most importantly – she ensures that the moves are done correctly and reinforces how it will benefit . Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! Highly recommendable!!!

Dr Dimple Shah :

I joined JG`s gym for ante-natal exercise and probably this was one of the best decision during pregnancy. Anupa, my trainer, exactly knows the regime a pregnant woman needs to follow. Her exercises kept me fresh through the day and my fitness improved post joining the class. She is very attentive and motivated me on days I felt tardy. Her flexibility with timing allowed me to go to gym when I was in comfortable doing exercise - this is a serious plus during pregnancy. Thanks a lot Anupa!

Dr Gitanjali :

JGs is a fantastic gym and work out centre.It`s is not only clean and hygienic , it`s ambience is very inducive for a good workout. The trainers are friendly and very motivating. In addition , there are a variety of group workouts which make it all the more interesting and I`m never bored working out. It`s been 3 years and am still going strong. I have not only attained my desired weight but I have also become physically stronger , energetic and well toned. This has really boosted my self confidence especially when I have to dress up.

Dr. Sanjay Sharma :
Director Asian Cancer InstituteProf. Surgical Oncology Lilavati & Bombay Hospital, Mumbai

JGS is heaven on earth for all fitness lowers and motivates those who desire to do so. This Centre and its management provides such an unbelievable environment which gives so much positive energy & makes you addicted to stay there longer.

It has meaningful, wonderful, newer equipment and above all class very professional, helpful trainers who guide you to do targeted, correct energizing newer exercise regime which no gym that I have visited in India and abroad provides.

I have myself got absolutely fit increasing my lean weight, shedding my flab which I never achieved in previous stints at other places, this in spite of my spending limited time here due to my busy professional schedules, this improved fitness has allowed me to concentrate more on my longer surgeries without getting tired.

I would strongly recommend everyone to stay fit & happy, please join JGS.

Dr. Priti Modi :

10 years and still going strong! My journey has been of a person who prior to 2006 did anything besides exercise to lose weight, to a person who wants to exercise everyday to kickstart a healthier day, for a healthier life. My sister in law, Reshma pushed me to join (thanks to a free 1-month trial coupon) and the JGs team members ensured that it becomes a part of my life. All the trainers are superb at JGs but my major experience has been with Anupa, Shalini, Sangeeta and Vijendra. Shalini has ensured that her dedication to fitness has rubbed off on all her team members. Each one of them is as dedicated and as strict as her in ensuring that we are regular and give our best while exercising. I always share with my family and friends that I just need to reach the gym, after that the trainers ensure I give my best. JGs has also been hugely instrumental in transforming my son, Nihar, from a chubby kid to a 20 year old with 6 pack abs. Thanks Shalini and team JGs, super job, well done, keep it up.

Rohan N Gajjar, Tennis Player :

“Very Good facilities and equipment with expert trainers.Friendly and fun environment to work out in”

Sneha Jaisingh :

I have been regular at JG’S for the past 2 years. Whether it’s the Group X or the gym, they offer something to suit everyone. The energy of the trainers is absolutely infectious. You wouldn’t want to miss a day at the gym because Shalini and the team have a way of getting you addicted to workout and a healthy life.

Sandeep Soparrkar, Choreographer :

'JGS is a gym for complete health & fitness activity. Their friendly trainers guide you at every step and help you fix a healthy goal. I am really happy to be a part of JGS and recommend it to people who are looking for serious fitness'

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